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Dr. Dattoli, and Dr. Kaminski of the Dattoli Cancer Center are world renowned for their treatment of prostate cancer. They place extreme importance in healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and the need to add quality daily supplements. Their proven approach is to treat the whole person and supplements play an integral part in that. Many people do not realize that even the healthiest diets often lack vital and necessary nutrients.

There is a growing body of evidence linking diet and nutrition to the prevention of many diseases including cancer in both men and women. In today’s fast paced lifestyle where many people don’t take time to maintain proper diets, supplements become essential in maintaining general good health and can contribute to disease prevention.

After three years of research to develop supplement formulations, Drs Dattoli and Kaminski have released their proprietary “Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements”. The same dedication that made the Dattoli Cancer Center world renowned for the treatment of prostate cancer was applied to the development of their proprietary “Pharmaceutical Grade” supplements. According to Drs Dattoli and Kaminski: “our products are desperately needed in a completely unregulated industry with many companies selling a product which contains little of the ingredient they claim or contain prescription drugs they shouldn’t”.

Meanwhile, existing supplements can adversely interact with other supplements and especially prescription medications. Our supplements are very unique in the nutraceutical industry from the standpoint of being of the highest quality possible, safe and subject to rigorous testing. For example, our product are manufactured at FDA approved facilities under strict GMP standards. Additionally, supplements are subject to third-party validation. These supplements are true “Pharmaceutical Grade”.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements


FDA Inspected Facility


GMP Standards


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GMO + Gluten Free

Benefits of Our Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Manufactured at FDA approved facilities under strict GMP standards.

Supplements are subject to third-party validation.

Supplements are subject to third-party testing.

Made from highest quality ingredients.

Safe and subject to rigorous quality control.